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As Andy's is located in the heart of Albany Park, one of the most ethnically diverse neighborhoods in the country, we try to provide the basics for any ethnic dish. From basic apples, oranges and bananas, to mangos, guavas, persimmons, pomegranates and fresh figs - if its in season we carry it. Our daily vegetable selection includes popular asian items such as indian and chinese eggplants, bittermelon, lemon grass, long beans, fresh raw peanuts, opo and bok choy. We also carry middle eastern favorites: cusa squash (calavasita), mini cukes and seedless "Persian" cukes; as well as globally popular roots (taro, yucca, yautia and boniato). If you need any special items, we can get it for you the next day.

Fresh Produce


A wide variety of cheese, olives and lunch meat awaits you... multiple types of feta and olives sold by the pound or in bulk packages up to 45 pounds!

Several types of ham and turkey, including Carolina and Sarah Lee brands among others... imported prosciutto and salami as well.

Domestic cheeses (cheddars, monterey jack, munster, american, etc) sliced to order, and imports from Greece, Bulgaria, England, Holland and Spain available every day (gruyere, havarti, manchego, gouda, sage derby, kefalotiri, graviera, kashkaval and more)!

Homemade sides such as guacamole, black bean and corn salsa, chicken salad, hot mexican salsa and pico de gallo as well as cole slaw and potato salad.

Butcher Shoppe

Our compact meat department offers a wide variety of cuts, and we also provide custom cuts upon request. Whole or half carcasses are also available, as well as a wide range of offal (as featured in the Chicago Tribune, March 10, 2004). Homemade beef, lamb, pork and chicken sausages can also be found, including skinless Cevapi, Mexican style chorizo, Italian, Greek Loukaniko, and chorizo Guatemalteco. We also feature the widest seafood selection in the neighborhood, with several types of shrimp, octopus and squid, and over a dozen types of fish including salmon, tilapia, snapper, catfish, buffalo fish, bass, milkfish, lake smelt, pomfret and kingfish. We can order sushi grade seafood with a days notice. Try our popular ready-to-cook items such as homemade chicken fajita mix, buffalo wings, chicken kabobs and beef kabobs.

Bakery, Pastries & Hot Foods

Come early and come hungry... our homemade breads, croissants, turnovers and muffins are baked fresh every morning. We also carry items from local bakeries, including middle eastern samoon and pita, and classic large, European style loaves. We also have homemade flan, strawberry cheesecakes and canollis, as well as chocolate, carrot, banana nut and walnut cakes. Mmmmm... how about some cheese or spinach pies? Or Lasagna. Or chicken... roast, bbq or shishkabob? Maybe some pork carnitas, or lamb barbacoa? Or jambalaya or Spanish rice... or then again some fried catfish or tilapia? Or bbq rib tips, meatballs or buffalo wings? Why not try them all?

Grocery Aisle


We stock popular American brands, but the real treasure is the wide selection of imports at everyday low prices.

Explore the world on our shelves featuring staples from:

• Central and South America (such as dried and canned beans, peppers, drinks, salsas and spices).
• Middle East and India (including spices and mixes, basmati rice and dried beans).
• Europe (especially chocolates, candies and cookies, pates, vegetable spreads, water, soft drinks and pickled veggies) and Asia (spices, sauces, noodles, canned exotic veggies & fruit).

We are always expanding our product diversity...
so far we carry items from the 82 countries listed below!

International Foods List